We help emerging market homebuilders finance their customers


Managing the home finance journey

Kola Global provides a cloud platform that serves the needs of emerging market homebuilders, their customers and finance partners. The Kola platform enables an innovative business model that empowers homebuilders in any country to offer home financing to their customers and provide seamless customer service including financial underwriting, monthly payment processing, legal contracting, and ongoing customer care such as warranty claims processing. The platform includes a customer-facing mobile application and a suite of administrative software tools for the homebuilder and finance partners.



Jobomax Home and US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF) are Kola Global clients that have been utilizing the platform from the beginning. Together they are a marquee example of a homebuilder and finance partner that rely on Kola Global for their continued success.

The Homebuilder

Jobomax Home is an experienced homebuilder that has been marketing, building and selling middle class and affordable houses in multiple West African countries since 2014.  The company understands the unique challenges that await emerging market homebuilder and is totally reliant on the Kola Global business model to help fuel growth and prosperity. 

The Investor

US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF) has been an exclusive finance partner to Jobomax Home since March 2017.  The company raises private investment capital to purchase home finance contracts from Jobomax Home and offers a very unique blend of compelling social impact and returns to its investors. USAHF utilizes the Kola platform to handle all customer and homebuilder related interactions.  


Making the world a better place

Kola Global is a mission driven company that contributes to the advancement of at least five (#1, 5, 8, 10 and 11) of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

No Poverty

Housing construction provides jobs and training to underserved  communities worldwide

Gender Equality

50% of the homebuyers currently on the platform that receive home financing are women

Economic Growth

Housing construction is a well-known economic driver in communities all over the world

Reduced Inequality

We provide innovative and affordable housing finance options to the unbanked or underbanked


Affordable housing is one of the major crisis in the emerging or developing world


Some questions we get

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to use the form below to contact us directly if you have anything specific you want answered - we will be glad to help.

What problem does Kola Global solve?

Kola Global helps emerging market homebuilders offer housing finance to their customers (homebuyers).

Does Kola Global offer mortgages to home buyers?

No. Kola Global is not a lender of any kind, but rather helps emerging market homebuilders offer financing to their customers. 

In which emerging markets does Kola Global operate?

Right now Kola Global works with homebuilders mostly in Africa, but the business model is applicable to any country that does not have a well established housing finance market.


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