If you are a homebuilder in an emerging market (e.g., Africa, Latin America) and would like to offer home financing to your customers, we would like to talk to you. We have a rigorous qualification process, because we only work with the most talented and trustworthy homebuilders. The first step in our process is to fill out the questionnaire below and after review we will be in touch for follow up. 

Homebuilders that are selected are first put into a probationary status and given a chance to prove they are trustworthy and can deliver quality homes at reasonable cost. Once a homebuilder is well-established on the Kola platform, we will actively introduce them to finance partners and they can expect to continue to attract large amounts of financing as their reputation grows. 

In addition to financing, the Kola platform offers many other benefits to homebuilders. For example, seamless customer service including financial underwriting, monthly payment processing, legal contracting, and ongoing customer care such as warranty claims processing.  Over time, we are very confident that Kola Global will prove to be an invaluable partner.

Are you a homebuilder?

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