Our Model

Kola Global provides a cloud platform that serves the needs of emerging market homebuilders, their customers and finance partners. The Kola platform enables an innovative business model that empowers homebuilders in any country to offer financing to their customers and provide seamless customer service including financial underwriting, monthly payment processing, legal contracting, and ongoing customer care such as warranty claims processing. In addition, the platform provides integration for third-party investment funds to profit from the financing activities of the emerging market homebuilders and simultaneously provide much needed social impact to the communities in which the homebuilders operate.

Who Benefits?


In most emerging markets (e.g., Africa, Latin America) there is limited housing finance available. Naturally, this makes it difficult, if not impossible, for most people to purchase a home. With Kola's unique business model, housing finance can be made available to qualified buyers at highly competitive rates.


One of the biggest obstacles to growth for emerging market homebuilders is a lack of financing available to their customers (homebuyers). Without adequate financing for their customers, homebuilders struggle to grow their business because only cash buyers are able to purchase the homes. 


Financial investors play a key role in the Kola business model as they provide the capital needed to finance the homebuyers. Investors, however, need the Kola platform to help vet both the homebuilders and homebuyers. Using Kola's unique scoring system, investors can rest assured they are working with the most talented and trust worthy emerging market homebuilders and homebuyers.